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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bank of America

I have formed my own public charity. We take underprivileged children on holiday shopping sprees. When I formed the public charity, about three years ago, I approached the local branch of Fleet Bank to open the account. The local manager assured me that there would be no service charges.

So, Fleet gets taken over by Bank of America and we are advised that the charges would commence. So, we move our account to PNC by writing out a check for the remaining balance on the account. However, Bank of American insists on keeping the account open and charging $15 per month. So, each month, the charity goes further into a negative balance and the bank won't close the account.

Up until this point, I was relying upon my staff to resolve the matter. So, I am at the office late and see a statement showing the negative balance. I figure I will call the phone number on the statement and talk to a representative to resolve the matter. I call the number and hear a series of prompts. After about 8 minutes, I find the relevant prompt and .....

Well, you know what happens next. I don't get the live person to talk to. Instead, I get a recording saying that they closed their offices at 7pm and I should call back during the normal telephone business hours. I mean, why couldn't you tell me at the beginning, saying:

"Our automated services are open. If you need to speak to a live person, call tomorrow between 7am and 7pm." But, noooooooooooooooo, they make you go through all of the prompts first.

And, when they put the phone number on the statement, in all that white space (about half a page on my statement) they couldn't give me the hours of automated services versus live services?

Hey, Bank of America is so bad, I am still getting statements for my mother showing a zero balance. She passed away in 1999! It took me until early 2005 for them just to take the last $2 in the account in the hopes they would close it. Hmmmmmmmmmm...maybe they will start charging her $15 per month. I bet they will when they see this post!



Blogger Mom Nancy said...

I'm right there with you on BoA not closing an account. I called them and told them to close an account. They said I could take out the rest of the money and then close it. What that meant was that I could take out the money (I'm 1300 miles from our old branch now) was writing a check for the amount in the account and depositing it somewhere else. Before that check cleared an automatic withdrawal to an insurance went through, causing us to be overdrawn and then they took out the NSF fee. When I talked to them, they said if I paid off the negative balance, the account could be closed. Which is code for "call us and tell us to close it or we'll just leave it open." The next statement had a negative balance (after I paid it off) because of a monthly fee or something. My husband got on the phone with them and yelled at them. I think our account is closed now. What a pain.

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