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Sunday, November 27, 2005


Today, I drove to my office. Yes, it's Sunday! But, in my field, the work always seems to be there. And, Sunday's are a good day to get a lot of it done. I did get my exercise though with some vigourous basketball in the morning.

So, here I am driving to work....nice day...just minding my own business doing about the speed limit (40 mph on one two-lane road and 50 mph on the next) and this guy is tailgating me. I mean, not even one car length off my tail. As we all learned in Driver's Ed, one car length for ever 10 mph. So, this guy should be 4 to 5 car lengths behind me. And, so it goes, me with him on my tail for over 4 miles! Nobody behind him, nobody in front of me. You think he got to his destination any faster by staying 3 or 4 car lengths closer then he should? The asshole should have passed me or just stay content a safe distance behind. As many of you know, this happens a lot and it is sooooooooo stupid. I can't wait until I get that Laser Gun in my car so I can shoot out the guy's tires. Then, he will really be late!

Anyone else think this is a problem? Let's hear from you.



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