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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Men and public bathrooms

As you all know by now, I went to the movies last night. Now, half of you know about public restrooms for men. But, for the half of you that may not, let me describe the particular men's room at the movies, which is not much unlike any others. First, you enter and see the sinks and electric hand-drying machines. Then one sees a room of urinals and stalls with doors hiding the toiliets. Now, I am well over 40 years old and, for the life of me, I cannot understand why a man wants to urninate in the toilet when there are perfectly good urninals to be used. You ask, why should I care? Well, try having to use one of the toilets which has been generously sprayed? Or, even when the man had the god-given sense to raise the seat, most get some on the floor. Well, if I have to sit on a toilet, my pants end up touching the way around it unless, like George, I totally remove my pants. Well, that is what I faced tonight. And, thank g-d, there were two other restrooms, one of which had been recently cleaned. So, men, use the urinal in public bathrooms and save the toilets for those who really need it!



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